Spiritual Armor

​Since at least the 6th century, women in Ukraine have embroidered spells of protection into ethnic garments called Vyshyvanki, also known colloquially as Ukraine's "Spiritual Armor". In partnership with Ukrainian artists and Needed.In.UA, the Spiritual Armor project offers embroidered talisman wall art as a way of raising funds for body armor and medical supplies.
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2022 - Present



Project Type

Humanitarian Fundraiser



Ukrainian woman crafting

Project Intention

Today Ukraine needs
a different kind of protection: body armor.

The intricate clothing patterns of Vyshyvanka act as talismans to protect against harm and tell the stories of their creators.

Through these beautiful and affordable artworks, you can directly help to save the lives of brave humans fighting a brutal war.

Project History

What started as an Indigogo Campaign has now become a long-term fundraiser in partnership with the nonprofit Needed.In.UA.


Ukrainian Artisans

Additional Information

The whole world donates weapons but there's not enough protective gear.

This is a war of artillery therefore most injuries and casualties happen due to shrapnel. A3 Alloy Composite Body Armor with good surface coverage has the ability to save people's lives and has been requested by the marine unit this campaign is launched to support. We are partnered directly with organizations in Ukraine who will get this equipment to where it needs to be.

By purchasing a Vyshyvanka textile, you can save a life of a Ukrainian reconnaissance marine.

Ukrainian artwork
Ukrainian teenage soldiers